Our Services

Our Approach

We specialize in working with individuals (including adolescents), couples and families to develop new pathways for approaching life and its difficulties. Changing the way we think and respond to life’s stuff. We work with you to discover those skills that have either been lost or not yet unleashed within.

Michael is pioneering work with Adolescents and families in the Restoration Therapy world and seeking ways to assist this population with Emotional Regulation. Through his 25+ years of working with adolescents and families he has discovered the great need to do work with adults, couples and families as whole. Young people are developing their world view from their experiences and relationships and if the folks around them are not healthy and equipped to support, the journey’s obstacles are harder to overcome. Whole Life Priorities, LLC seeks to help parents know and understand their own cycles, difficulties and how they relate to their children in turn to strengthen this ability in young people.

We explore every aspect of a person’s life from eating habits, exercise, sleep patterns and of course your Mental Wellness. All of these play a role in our total wellness and it is our belief at Whole Life Priorities, LLC that this is best achieved within the family unit (with respect that every family looks and is different).

We look forward to joining you on your journey “Total
Family Wellness!”

Fees for Service:

Individual Sessions:
$130 for 50 minutes sessions, $150 for 90 min session (recommended for first intake session)

Couples and Families:
$150 for 90 min session, $200 two hours session (recommended for family intake)

Sliding Scale:
Will be considered and determined on an individual and as needed basis. Duration and number of sessions will be limited and based upon progress to continue.

We accept cash, checks, major credit cards, and HSA (Health Savings Account) cards.

Insurance/ Private Payment

We do not currently accept any insurance , all private pay. We are in the process of being credentialing with a number of insurance providers and hope to be ready to accept insurance in 2021.

Cancellation Policy
In the event that you, your child or family will not be able to attend a scheduled session or elect to terminate treatment prior to a scheduled session, prior notification of at least 24 hours is required to avoid incurring a fee for a scheduled, unattended session. If late notice of cancellation is provided (later than 24 hours in advance of the appointment) but such notice is provided earlier than one hour in advance of your, your child’s or family’s appointment, you will be charged and agree to pay half of the cash rate.  In the event you fail to provide notice of cancellation or cancel within one hour of your or your child’s appointment, you will be charged and agree to pay the full cost of the cash rate.    

Notice of Privacy Practices
It is my duty and priority to protect my clients’ privacy and confidentiality.  According to state and federal laws, there are some important limitations.  Please download my Right of Privacy (.PDF) to understand your rights

Our Practice Sees:


Beginning at age 9

Adult Individuals