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Where you are and where you have been are major contributors in where you are going. The people that surround you and have been in your space to this point, have also been contributing actors in your narrative. These relationships and experiences all culminate into way of surviving when faced with adversity. When in our “pain”, the survival skills (self-preservation) that we have developed kick in and often they are skills that can continue to cause us pain. Particularly when we are relating to others. Through the utilization of Restoration Therapeutic Model, we will work together in learning how to move from “pain” to “peace” in your life. Let’s explore these pains together, discover the truth about who you are and how you can differently relate to individuals and situations in your life from a place of Peace. 

Family, Couples, Adolesence, and Individual Counseling

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Michael is a pro at working with and advocating for young boys. For parents who are facing the highs and lows of parenting difficult behaviors of kiddos who are overcoming trauma resulting in a despondent spirit, Michael goes above and beyond parent coaching, teaching, researching ideas and just being there and listening. God changed the game bringing Michael into my kiddos life!




These guys are the best!



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